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“My experience with Dr. Niazi’s office has been fantastic from the very day I initially came in and had my consultation. I felt very comfortable and was confident that he would be able to achieve all the things that he promised and he has certainly done that. 

My smile is one that I am very proud of and of course in my business, I need to have a very, very nice smile, because I’m always in front of the camera and people are very noticeable when things aren’t quite right. 

I am very, very happy and I have been a client now for 5 years and I certainly expect to be a client for much longer. In fact, many of my family members are clients now too and we don’t live near The Elite Smile Center either. We have to drive a little ways to get here, but that’s immaterial now. We’ll drive wherever we need to go in order to get the fine work that Dr. Niazi has practiced for so long.” 


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“The thing about Dr. Niazi is that he’s passionate about what he does and when you love what you do and you enjoy getting up to go to work every day, you can’t help but be the best, i.e. The Elite Smile Center. I wanted to buy a flat screen so badly back in 2008 and my wife would say, honey there’s a sale here, there’s a sale there and I would say no! I wanna wait and get the best one because if I spend my money on something I don’t want, i’m not gonna be happy with it. So I waited and waited and I finally got this particular TV and it was an outrageous amount of money and my wife said you’re crazy! but you know what? I turn it on to this day and I absolutely love it, because it is the best! And that’s why I come to the Elite Smile Center. When you walk in, you see that everything here is state-of-the-art. When he started to work on my teeth, there was a comfort level because he was explaining every part of the procedure that he was doing. I was completely in the loop, completely informed all the time and then the results speak for themselves!”


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